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Experience Kismet Creek Farm

What to Expect

Welcome to Kismet Creek Farm! We are open to the public year-round on Saturday and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. If you would like to come during the week, please contact us to make an appointment! We would love to host your school or group!

When you arrive at Kismet, pop in to the big red barn, where you'll check in and pay your visit fee. 

From there, you'll be greeted by Karl, or one of our amazing volunteers. If you've never been to Kismet Creek Farm, we will give you a tour of all the areas you can visit, and offer an education the animals, how the farm operates, and how we connect to the animals. If you've already visited Kismet, and know your way around, please go ahead and enjoy yourself! There are always volunteers around if you have questions.

After your tour, you'll have the freedom to visit all the animals, give pets, cuddles and treats. There is also a human play area, which changes throughout the seasons. The littles can enjoy the kids corral, and you can have a snack using the picnic tables provided.

We hope you'll visit us and all of our furry friends, they truly enjoy your company!

**Regular admission is $7.50 or $10 depending on age (babies and toddlers always FREE), and private group tours start at $100/2 hrs. **

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